Corporate Travel Policy

Corporate Travel Policy

Policy brief & purpose

Our company corporate travel policy plots our arrangements for organization related travel. We’ll explain which costs we’ll repay and how. We’ll additionally offer guidelines to our representatives to follow their costs accurately when traveling.


This policy applies to every one of our employees. In this approach, we allude to ‘travel’ which means an trip for business to an different city in comparison to the one you’re in. We’re additionally tallying any car, train or bus trip that keeps going longer than 60 minutes.

This policy doesn’t allude to making a trip to and from the office consistently for work. We repay drive costs dependent on every employee’s contract or agreement with our company.

Policy elements

As our worker, you may need to corporate travel policy for company purposes. This incorporates trips to:

  • Meet with customers or partners.
  • Go to occasions, similar to conferences, where you’ll represent to our company.
  • Visit our company’s workplaces in different areas.
  • Direct research or give talks/lectures/presentations in the interest of our company.

For this sort of travel, we’ll repay transportation and accommodation costs, just according to diem costs.

Legal/ medical expenses

On the off chance that you have to make a travel to countries that need a visa or other documentation to enter, we’ll cover every single applicable cost (excluding expenses for issuing passports). The same applies to medical expenses, like medical insurance for travelers, vaccinations or examinations. We’ll pay all these costs directly, you won’t need to do anything.

Medical consideration expenses because of travel-related accidents might be secured by workers’ remuneration insurance. If not, we may partially or fully reimburse you for your medical expenses.

Transportation expenses

When traveling for company reasons, you’re qualified for company paid plane tickets in [premium economy class]. Administrators can travel in [business class]. Should you have to travel by another methods for transportation (train, boat or coach), you’re qualified for a [premium] seat. We’ll repay two-way tickets, meals (as included in the ticket price) and one luggage, in addition to a carry-on in the event of a plane trip. You should cover extra costs, similar to additional luggage or purchase of duty-free items, on your own.

Your travel must be booked at least [two weeks] in advance unless it’s an unforeseen trip. Talk to our [office manager/ HR generalist/ finance manager/ etc.] and they’ll book your tickets directly. They should approach your manager for written approval first. At that point, they’ll work together with you on booking the suitable transportation at advantageous times relying upon the motivation behind your trip.

In the event that you have reason to book the transportation on your own (for instance, so as to gather bonus miles on your personal card), talk about this with your manager. You’ll need their approval for the fares you’ve chosen, ensuring they’re not unnecessarily expensive. To receive a reimbursement for these expenses, [submit them to our expenses software].

On the off chance that you intend to travel via car, we’ll repay all gas and toll charges. We’ll additionally pay a limit of [$100] for costs during your trip for food, non-alcoholic drinks or different necessities. Keep all receipts and [submit them to our expenses software].

Local transportation

When arrived at your goal, you can take taxi cabs to move around the region for business purposes. Always ask for receipts and we’ll reimburse fares for traveling:

  • From airport/ stations to your hotel and back.
  • To and from each place you go for company purposes (like conference halls, lunches with clients or client offices).

We won’t repay transportation costs for trips to museums or different places for individual purposes.

In the event that you want to utilize public transport, purchase a ticket (either one-way or multiple-days if applicable) and [submit the receipt to our costs software].

You can likewise rent a car on the off chance that you intend to do numerous trips inside the city (for instance, if you’re planning to see a large number of customers). In these cases, you can either talk to our so they can rent a car for you or you can rent your possess from the city you’ll travel to (you should purchase insurance as well). Remember, we’ll just repay expenses for a rental car that is [compact, two- or four-door, automatic transmission, petrol-fueled.]


When traveling for company reasons for existing, you’re qualified for remain at a [3-star hotel or the best hotel available in the area]. Our [office manager/ HR generalist/ finance manager/ etc.] will book the room for you and pay for your stay. We may have arranged an agreement with a hotel to accomplish a rebate. If you plan to stay longer for personal reasons, you’ll need to pay for the additional stay yourself, but you may be able to take advantage of the discount. Ask our [office manager/ HR generalist/ finance manager/ etc.] to let you know.

We won’t reimburse any extra room-related charges incurred. We may make an exception if you need to upgrade your room for reasons outside of your control (for example, a malfunction that makes your room unsuitable and there’s no room of equal cost available). In this case, you should contact our immediately so that they find the best solution and arrange the payment.

If you want to stay at a more expensive lodging for a particular reason (like to be closer to family who lives close by), you’ll need to pay the difference yourself.

Traveling with a non-employee

Our approach enables you to share an company-booked room with an accomplice, friend or family member who needs to travel with you, as long as this doesn’t acquire additional charges for our company. For instance, in the event that we’ve just booked a room for you that has enough space, you can have your partner, friend or family member. Keep in mind that you’ll be financially responsible for any expenses or damages this person incurs.

We won’t repay any costs for your co-traveler for the sum of the excursion. The only special case is taxi fares which don’t rely upon the quantity of individuals on the ride.

Expenses while on a trip

During a business trip, you’re entitled to reimbursement for lunch and dinner at a maximum of [$20] per meal. We’ll repay just your own part of the bill in case you’re traveling with a non-worker, so make a point to isolate your bills or request separate receipts.

With regards to meetings with clients (like dinners), we’ll repay the entire of the bill including tips. The most senior worker taking an participating in the meeting should pay the bill and submit the costs for reimbursement. We depend on you to put in reasonable orders. On the off chance that you surpass [$150] per person for one feast, you should get approval from our [CFO] to cost the expense.

What you need to do

We request that you utilize your best judgment when traveling for company purposes. Don’t go overboard with spending on food and drinks. Always ask for receipts and keep them organized.

At the point when you have returned from your trip, submit all costs to our costs software within [two months]. If you had a reason not to submit expenses within that period, talk to your manager. They’ll be the ones to approve your expenses for reimbursement. You’ll get the cash with your next check after your manager approves.

Disclaimer: This company corporate travel policy layout is intended to give general rules and ought to be utilized as a kind of perspective. It may not consider all significant nearby, state or federal laws and is not a legal document. Neither the author nor Workable will expect any legitimate obligation that may arise from the utilization of this corporate travel policy.

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