Corporate Travel Card

Corporate Travel Card

UCI Corporate Travel Card Program

The UCI Corporate Travel Card is an individualized charge card utilized basically for UCI travel costs. Any travel related cost can be charged to the UCI Corporate Travel card, for instance, air tickets, hotel reservations, meeting registrations, car rentals, and even meals. The credit record depends individually credit value, yet it offers helpful advantages:

  • Simpler Reimbursements: UCI’s financial systems can apply your repayment straightforwardly to the card account.
  • Track Expenses: The card gives a prepared asset to track travel costs—as long as the traveler makes sure to charge just travel related costs to the record.
  • Generally Accepted: The UCI Corporate Travel card is acknowledged around the world.
  • Security: Cardholders will not have to carry large amounts of cash when they travel.

For more data about utilizing the card, see this guide.

Corporate Travel Card Usage Guidelines

The Corporate Travel Card isn’t expected to be an credit card for the employee’s close to personal use, yet the representative is liable for all costs caused.

Travel Advances and the Travel Card

UCI perceives that it is frequently important to make advance payments a long time before your travel date.

Despite the fact that your UCI Corporate Travel card may get payable and due preceding your trip, you can in any case keep your account current by presenting a Advance to satisfy your Corporate Card before your trip. (You should at present a Travel Reimbursement supply of your trip.)

A cash advance may be obtained at any one of the member bank locations. Personal identification (driver’s license) may be required.

What’s more, you may access money at any PLUS R and card bank ATM. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be required.

There is a $2.00 least charge or 2.5% of the absolute development up to $10.00 for each cash advance transaction. It is prescribed you advance the necessary dollar amount fundamental for each trip so as to minimize the fee amounts.

Insurance Coverage and Assistance

Common Carrier Insurance

This program provides Common Carrier Insurance when the entire fare has been charged to your UCI Corporate Travel card.

Lost Luggage Assistance

You are qualified for baggage carousel help when your luggage is lost or harmed by the basic bearer and your ticket was charged to your UCI Corporate Travel card.

24-Hour Customer Service

Customer assistance is accessible 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Help Center

Inside the US. Outside the US, accessible 24 hours every day, 365 days per year. Help with emergency cash/card replacement, medical and legal referrals, document replacement, and claim processing.

Useful Information for Cardholders

Endless supply of your card, please read all correspondence from the bank for a clear understanding of the corporate card program. Contact a travel expert in the event that you have any questions concerning your record.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Cardholders are responsible for notifying the bank immediately of any loss, theft, or unauthorized use of their UCI Corporate Travel card or account. Cardholders are also responsible for notifying the UCI Program Administrator and updating all travel profiles.

Delinquent Accounts

Cardholders are expected to maintain financial responsibility with regard to use of the UCI Corporate Travel Card. An account is considered delinquent if the total payment due is not remitted before the next billing date. UCI will receive reports on past-due accounts. The parity showed on your monthly statement is expected in full by the following charging cycle. Late fees will be assessed on past due balances. Late fee charges are the responsibility of the individual cardholder and not an allowable University expense. Late fees may not be reimbursed.

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