Yolk Breaker, Camden Market

Yolk Breaker, Camden Market

Yolk Breaker, All Day Egg Buns, Camden Market

Yolk Breaker, Camden Market used to be a place where die hard My Chemical Romance fans used to stock up on t-shirts and tourists went to find authentic ethnic throws, multipacks of incense and cheap ‘Chinese bang bang chicken’, however times are an evolving.

Camden Market has somewhat had a transformation as of late; KERB moved in, and brought with them a calvary of 38 of London’s hottest street food vendors, and there’s been a makeover in the other areas – new restaurants have pitched up, stall holders have opened bricks and mortar sites (we’re looking at you The Cheese Bar), and there’s been a wave of new traders moving in.

Yolk Breaker could very well be your dad’s signature dance move. Alas, it’s really the first permanent home to a former street food stall. As you might have guessed, this place is all about eggs. Their small Camden spot serves made to order egg sandwiches, including their signature Yolk Breaker sandwich with scrambled eggs, caramelised onions, Sriracha mayo, and Red Leicester cheese, for £8.

One of the beginners to contribute up Camden Market is Yolk Breaker. Alireza Asefi, co-founder of Yolk Breaker, considered the restaurant while travelling on America’s West Coast, where egg buns have gained a cult-like status in recent years.

Having tried the idea at Primrose Hill and Hampstead food markets, the Yolk Breaker team opened their first permanent site in Camden Market as recently, and being a fanatic of eggs and within walking distance from About Time HQ, it seemed absolutely imperative to give these yolky numbers a whirl.

Yolk Breaker specialise in serving made-to-order egg buns with scrambled and over-easy fried eggs sourced from St Ewe Rich Yolk eggs in Cornwall. If you’ve never made it to Yolk Breaker, it’s a right of passage to try the signature sandwich. A shiny brioche bun filled with silky smooth, burnt sun orange scrambled eggs, caramelised onions, Sriracha mayo and Red Leicester cheese. It’s not the easiest to eat (tackle with a knife and fork if needs be), but my word, the flavours here are exceptional. The egg just melts in the mouth – this isn’t fried egg, yet some kind of breakfast wizardry.

And the Egg and Bacon bun with an over-easy fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, harissa mayo and Red Leicester cheese will never disappoint you.

This joint acclaims the modest egg; the dishes are unsanitary, fabulous, but most of all, delicious.

Yolk Breaker
Food stall in London, United Kingdom

Unit 701, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AH

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