Travel Card Benefits (ICICI Bank) – Best Travel Card Opportunity

Travel Card

ICICI Bank Travel Card is the ideal travel ally for all your international trips. Get your preferred Travel Card by perusing through the ‘Travel Cards – Variants’ segment.

The power-packed ICICI Bank Travel Card is a keen, advantageous and secure choice to convey foreign currency while travelling abroad.

Presently stay away from cash rate variances and spare cross money charges by stacking your card with 15 foreign currencies – USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, SGD, AED, CHF, JPY, SEK, ZAR, SAR, THB, NZD, HKD.

Burden and in a split second initiate your Travel Card to begin utilizing it quickly for booking your international flight and accommodation.

You can make payments just on universal sites and trader outlets abroad.

ICICI Bank Travel Card Benefits

Ease of Usage

Load your Travel Card and use it for making buys at different merchant outlets and for making payments towards online exchanges.

Predominant security through 3D Secure and CHIP and PIN technology

Secure your online payments with the new 3D Secure confirmation empowered on ICICI Bank Travel Card. 3D Secure gives you extra security through a straightforward checkout process that confirms your identity when you make payments.

Buy/Reload/Refund Online* through Internet Banking or iMobile app

Purchase your Travel Card from the comfort of your home and get it conveyed to your doorstep.

In addition reloading or refunding is only a click away regardless of where you are.

24*7 online service through ‘Self Care Portal’ login

No compelling reason to visit a branch or call Customer Care. Presently kick back and deal with all your Travel Card services at one-stop through ‘Self Care Portal’. Self-Care Portal helps you to screen spends, block/unblock of card, reset ATM PIN, Wallet to Wallet transfer and considerably more.

Exciting offers and discounts at your favourite destination

Visa Offers:

Up to 59% discount on eating, shopping, stay and considerably more while travelling abroad with your ICICI Bank Travel Card.

MasterCard Offers:

Extremely valuable Cities: Register for Priceless Cities and appreciate the nearby experiences and discounts at different merchant outlets over the world.

Free Replacement Card in the kit

Your ICICI Bank Multicurrency Travel Card unit accompanies a free Replacement Card alongside the Primary Card. On the off chance that you happen to lose/damage the Primary Card, you can easily activate the Replacement Card.

Basically call up ICICI Bank Customer Care or the 24X7 International without toll-free numbers to activate and transfer the balance on the Secondary Card. The ATM/POS PIN is as of now accessible in the Card Kit. In the event that you have overlooked or lost your PIN, it very well may be created through Self-Care portal or by calling Customer Care.

Wallet to Wallet Transfer on Multicurrency

Uncertain of the amount to be loaded in every currency wallet while travelling out to various countries? No need to worry anymore. Presently move reserves effectively and instantly from one currency wallet then onto the another by logging into Self Care Portal.

Travel Cards – Variants

  • Goibibo ICICI Bank Travel Card
  • Sapphiro Travel Card
  • Coral Travel Card
  • Student Travel Card


For related inquiries, kindly keep your Card details convenient at the time of calling. This is required with the purpose of validation on the off chance that you are overseas and calling from an Indian number


If you are currently in India

 Call on 1860 120 7777

In case you are calling from Local number of one of the below countries

Toll Free Numbers From USA

Call on 1866 ICICI 4U

Speak to our Customer Care Executive From UK

Call on 0 8081 314 151

Speak to our Customer Care Executive From Singapore

Call on 800 101 2553

Speak to our Customer Care Executive From Canada

Call on 1866 ICICI 4U

Speak to our Customer Care Executive From Australia

Call on 0011-800-0424-2448

Speak to our Customer Care Executive From UAE

Call on 8000 9114 001

Speak to our Customer Care Executive From Bahrain

Call on 800 04 877

Speak to our Customer Care Executive From Europe

Contact Details

Belgium 00-800-0424-2448

Finland 990-800-0424-2448

France  00-800-0424-2448

Germany 00-800-0424-2448

Ireland  00-800-0424-2448

Italy 00-800-0424-2448

Luxembourg 00-800-0424-2448

Netherlands 00-800-0424-2448

Portugal 00-800-0424-2448

Spain 00-800-0424-2448

In case you are calling from a local number of any of the countries not listed above Call on +91-40-4066 1887

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