Travel Card ANZ

Travel Card ANZ

Are you travelling overseas soon? The Travel Card ANZ gives you a chance to get to your funds over numerous currencies and make buys any purchases Visa is accepted. The card supports 10 currencies, which means you can spend abroad openly without pulling in currency conversion fees. You’ll also receive an additional card, so you’ll have a backup in the event your card is lost, stolen or damaged. You can likewise manage with your card in a hurry with the Travel Card ANZ customer portal. Here you can check your equalization and transaction history, manage with your distinctive currency wallets and top up your card with funds. It’s important to note the portal does not allow you to reload your card.

In case you’re travelling abroad and the currency you need is supported by the Travel Card ANZ, this could be an advantageous and rewarding approach to take your money abroad.

What currency can i able to load on the Travel Card ANZ?

The Travel Card ANZ supports 10 monetary standards including the Australian dollar, US dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, New Zealand dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Canadian dollar, Singapore dollar, Thai baht and Japanese yen.

What is the currency order?

When loading different currencies standards on your Travel Card ANZ, important note that a currency order applies. The stored value currency order determines the order in which funds are loaded and the order in which fees or transactions are debited from your card. For instance, when you load money on the card, it will be credited to the Australian currency wallet since this is the first currency in the default currency order. On the off chance that you wish to cause a buy in euros yet just to have Australian dollars and US dollars on the card, Australian dollars will be debited first or US dollars if there is lacking Australian dollars accessible. You may change the stored value currency order at any time online or by calling the ANZ customer service centre. This is the card’s default currency order:

Default currency order:

  • Australian dollars (AUD)
  • US dollars (USD)
  • Great Britain pounds (GBP)
  • Euros (EUR)
  • New Zealand dollars (NZD)
  • Canadian dollars (CAD)
  • Hong Kong dollars (HKD)
  • Singapore dollars (SGD)
  • Thai baht (THB)
  • Japanese yen (JPY)

Where can I use my Travel Card ANZ

Since the Travel Card ANZ is a Visa card, it appreciates worldwide acknowledgment at more than 38 million merchants. When utilizing your card abroad, it will consequently utilize that country’s currency wallet as long as there are adequate supports loaded in that currency. There are a few special exceptions to card utilization. You may not utilize your Travel Card ANZ at merchants who process transactions manually or who don’t acknowledge Visa prepaid cards. For example, you cannot use your card to pay for gaming and gambling services, direct debits, recurring or instalment payments, over-the-counter cash withdrawals or in countries subject to economic or trade sanctions.

Features of the Travel Card ANZ

The features and advantage of the Travel Card ANZ include the following:

Locked in exchange rates: Having the option to secure exchange rates before you travel protects you from rate fluctuations and currency instability. You can affirm the relevant exchange rates on the ANZ website. Note that the rates applied are taken on the day that your assets clear, which might be up to three business days for BPAY exchanges and up to ten business days for checks.

Additional card: The free second card could be a useful back up in the event that your card is lost, stolen or damaged. This card is naturally linked to your travel card account. It’s savvy to store this card safely in your locked suitcase or hotel to guarantee you have an extra card if your underlying card is undermined.

Worldwide ATM partnership: Enjoy worldwide access to money with this Visa card, which you can use at over 2.3 million ATMs all inclusive. It would be ideal if you note that ATM fees apply.

Online manageability: The card enables you to advantageously manage with your account online by means of the Travel Card ANZ Portal.

No underlying load charge or transaction fees: Appreciate loading your card for free the first time through.

How much does the Travel Card ANZ cost?

This table explains the card costs you can expect and when to expect them:

Type of fee         Cost       When you’ll be charged

Buy fee $0           You can buy your Travel Card ANZ at no expense.

Starting load fee               $0           You don’t need have to pay to load your card the first time through.

Reload fee          0%          You won’t have to pay when you reload funds on your card.

AUD currency fee            Nil           You won’t be charged for electronic transactions (including ATM withdrawals) that debit Australian Dollars from your account.

Unsupported currency fee          4% of converted over AUD value              This will be charged when you utilize your card in a currency that isn’t accessible to be stored on it.

International withdrawal fee     

  • AUD $3.50
  • USD $2.50
  • GBP 2
  • EUR 2.2
  • NZD $4.50
  • CAD $3
  • HKD $20
  • SGD $4
  • THB 95
  • JPY 260

You will be charged the pertinent ATM fee each time you make an ATM withdrawal in that country’s currency.

SMS activity alerts          

  • AUD 0.35

You should pay the activity alert fee for every SMS requested. You may configure your SMS alerts on the online.

Card substitution fee     Nil           You won’t have to pay for a substitution card if there should arise an occurrence of misfortune, theft or damage.

Inactivity fee      Nil           If you don’t use your travel card for seven years, and your card stored value is greater than AUD$500, ANZ will send the remaining value to the government as unclaimed monies.

Closure/Cash out fee     Nil           You may close or cancel your card with no punishment.

Who do can I contact if my card is lost, stolen or damaged?

Report your stolen or lost card by promptly calling the Travel Card ANZ Customer Service centre at 1800 094 003, or +61 3 9683 7777 when abroad. If you are unable to reach this service centre, make your report to the main ANZ line at 13 13 14 instead. As soon as you’ve made your report, your card will be cancelled. A substitution card may then be given or your back-up card might be utilized. It’s in your best interests to report any loss or theft as soon as possible because you can be held liable for unauthorised transactions incurred before your report is received.

How to apply for an Travel Card ANZ

You can get your Travel Card ANZ by visiting an ANZ branch or by requesting it on the online. Cards purchased face to face will be given quickly while cards acquired online must be collected at a branch following five business days. You will be required to give your name, personal details and departure dates just as evidence of identity. If you don’t mind note that the Travel Card ANZ is designed for Australian residents as it.

Aside from presenting to 10 significant currencies standards, the Travel Card ANZ additionally conveys appealing advantages including a free backup card, free substitution cards and the additional simplicity of managing with your travel card on the online. When choosing a travel card, make sure to contrast every single accessible alternative with locate the one that best suits your personal travel needs and spending preferences.

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